How do you care and maintain a resin cheese board

Caring for your resin cheese board is important, it will extend its life span and keep it looking like new for longer.

It's a fairly straightforward task, and I get this question quite often so I've put together some information for you to use at home on your own cheese board.

Cleaning After Every Use 


When you have finished your charcuterie spread make sure to wash your board by hand. Firstly by wiping it down with a damp cloth, this will help to remove any leftover food from the board. Following this, wash the board under warm water whilst using a non abrasive sponge.

It's very important to dry your board immediately after washing. This will increase its longevity and reduce the likelihood of warping and cracking.

Wooden boards are not dishwasher safe. Please do not put them in your dishwasher. The heat and water saturation will damage your boards. Most likely leading to cracks and warping.

Deep Cleaning and Oiling Wood 


I would recommend carrying out a deep clean just before re-oil a resin board. This of course depends on how often you use the cheese board, but even still, I suggest that this be done every 3 - 6 months (If you happen to notice that your board is starting to dry out and has become a little bit dull in colour this is usually a good indicator that you need to deep clean and re-oil your board)

To carry out your deep clean you will need the following items: 

  • Lemon 
  • Salt 
  • Lint Free Cloth 
  • Butcher Block Oil ( You could use other food grade mineral oils or a beeswax cream, but I personally use butcher block oil ) 

First and foremost you will want to squeeze and rub some lemon juice onto your board. (lemon juice is slightly acidic which helps with the cleaning process) Sprinkle your salt on top, I normally use the lemons outer skin to rub and spread the salt and lemon juice around the board. Rinse and dry. This will make your board super clean and ready to be oiled.

 Your next step is making sure it is dry. Having a dry board will allow the oil to absorb into the wood.

This is what I personally use to re-oil my boards, but, again any food grade mineral oil will work for this task. Butcher block has no scent or taste which is the reason why it's my oil of choice.



Once your board is dry, generously apply the oil directly to the surface and use your lint free cloth to spread it around the board's surface and sides. Once you have covered your board with oil, let it seep into the board. I usually leave the boards to rest overnight before being used again.

Depending how long you waited to oil your board, you may want to do a second application after 24 hours have passed.

And that's it! - you have now successfully maintained your charcuterie board!


Oh Wait What About The Resin? 

A question that usually follows! The resin doesn't need any maintenance. Sometimes I like to polish it with the oil to add a shining glow ( typically just before I take photos ;-) ) other than that there is nothing to maintain. 


I hope that this answers some of your questions, but, if you have any other queries don't be afraid to get in touch ! Click here for a link to the store in case you are looking to add to your charcuterie board collection :) x